Here is a portfolio of just some of the apps that I've made.


A social networking app for iOS where users can share various media with their followers.

The client was coded completely in Objective-C. It used the backend as a service (BaaS) Parse, for storing and retrieving data, as well as push notifications.

I wrote backend "cloud code" in JavaScript for various use cases such as validation, periodic background jobs, and data retrieval logic.


A fun clicker game for both iOS and Android.

Start with a tiny dwarf pick axe and start tapping! As you mine, rocks you will make money, spend that money on unlocking more rare rocks, elements, ores, and mini mines!

The Android version was created using the new layout type ConstraintLayout, a layout system similar to Auto Layout on iOS.



A version of the classic 'Snake' game with a twist — you are in battleground playing in realtime with up to 11 other players.

This game was built using Swift 3, UIKit, and CoreGraphics for rendering the snakes.

GameSparks was used for the networking aspects, such as matchmaking, and creating a realtime session between players.



An iOS and Android game with over five million downloads. See how high you, an inchworm, can climb before missing a branch!

The iOS version was coded in Objective-C and using UIKit for the graphics, while the Android version was coded in Unity, making use of their new 2D workflow.



MultiFlow: Times Tables Reimagined

Experience the excitement of ‘Enter the Flow’ – the multiplication game that adapts to your ability level – on the fly! Say goodbye to flashcards, say hello to MultiFlow.

This application is great for kids, adults and professional educators alike. In addition to the main game: 'Enter the Flow', there are other tools to practice multiplication and track your progress.

isort Words

iSort Words is an exciting game that helps early learners jumpstart their understanding of how words are formed.

Children who play iSort Words will have fun with the delightful interface while learning how the beginnings and ending parts of words combine to form whole words!



Wordables is a guessing game where the player must figure out what each word cloud is referring to. The word cloud will include words that are related to the answer. The shape of the word cloud is related to the answer. Players can use hints such as removing a letter, or revealing a letter to help them if they are stuck.

TAK VIdeo Collage

TAK is the only app in the App Store that lets you record video straight into your frame along with uploading photos into your picture frame from your camera roll! All of your followers will be jealous when they see your HD frame videos with amazing shapes and quality! They will LOVE you when you share with them how you did it, saying "Get TAK, in the App Store"! Don't wait any longer! Any professional Instagrammer NEEDS this app.